Winter Fermentation Savior – Top baker Instant Dry Yeast

Fermented pasta is a kind of food that people like to hear and see almost all over the world. In most western countries, all kinds of bread and cakes made by Yeast fermentation are daily necessities.

steamed bun made by Yeast

In China, from south to north, all kinds of steamed bun shops can be seen everywhere. The fermented noodles in the north are chewy and chewy, while the steamed buns in the south are soft and moist and easy to eat. Regardless of the north and the south, fermentation is a crucial part of pasta such as buns and steamed buns if they want to be delicious and nutritious.

The majority of steamed bun shop owners know that a good yeast can make the dough ferment better and make the products more delicious, so as to win the favor of customers, and good business will come naturally.

Facing the winter that has quietly arrived, the problem of fermentation has become more prominent. How can we maintain rapid and stable fermentation in the increasingly cold winter? Here comes the perfect solution!

The Instant Dry Yeast produced by Bailin Group inherits 160 years of high-end technology and professional experience in the fermentation field, adding French patent strains, the product has excellent performance, and is more suitable for global pastry making! Has the following fermentation advantages:

Fast rising and strong endurance

Good fermentation performance, strong endurance, long-lasting stability, and can provide good expansion for dough during steaming. And not afraid of low temperature, there is still a relatively fast starting speed in winter.

The appearance of the finished product is good

The finished product is white and shiny, with larger volume and strong stability.

Suitable for various technology

suitable for various recipes in all kinds of baking. In different environments, it still maintains good fermentation stability.

Top baker instant dry yeast

Applications of Dry Yeast

Highly active dry yeast is suitable for all kinds of fermented pastries, such as steamed buns, steamed buns, flower rolls, barbecued pork buns, etc.

Instructions of Dry Yeast

Mixed into flour or into dough when kneading begins. It can be adjusted according to flour, formula, process and ambient temperature, and the addition range is 0.3%-1%.

Precautions of Instant Dry Yeast

Store in a dry and cool place. Once the package is opened, it needs to be sealed tightly and refrigerated. Avoid direct contact with grease, ice cubes, and ice water when using.

Bailin Group is a well-known high-activity dry yeast manufacturer in China. Today, the company’s dry yeast products have been exported to various regions of the world.

  • Our Low sugar Dry Yeast has been shipped to Ethiopia, Nigeria, Togo, Tanzania, Mozambique, Congo, Dubai, Yemen, Lebanon, Chile and Venezuela with large order quantity.
  • Our High sugar Dry Yeast (Sugar-tolerant type) has been shipped to Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, India, Nepal, Peru and Brazil with large order quantity and got very good reputation!

Until today, Bailin Group has been adhering to the enterprise spirit of pursuing professionalism and high quality, relying on its professional technology in yeast and improvers, continuous innovation, committed to producing natural, stable and safe products, and providing more choices for making fermented food .

About Bailin Group :

China, Bailin Group is a Professional & Qualified Instant Dry Yeast manufacturer and supplier since 2006. We produce Baking Yeast/Alcohol Yeast/Feed Yeast with good quality and reasonable price. has got a very good feedback from overseas market. welcome to contact us for Yeast business .

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