Ethyl vanillin

Ethyl vanillin (CAS 121-32-4) is a white to slightly yellow scale crystalline powder with a sweet chocolate aroma and the unique aroma of vanillin. It is basically non-toxic and is widely used in spices, cosmetics, food additives, medicine and other industries. The first fragrance synthesized by humans was vanillin.

Product characteristics: Ethyl vanillin is white to slightly yellow needle-shaped crystals or crystalline powder, similar to the aroma of vanilla beans, and the aroma is stronger than vanillin.

Product Usage: Ethyl vanillin is a broad-spectrum spice. It is one of the most important synthetic spices in the world today and an indispensable important raw material in the food additive industry. Its aroma is 3-4 times that of vanillin and has a rich aroma. The fragrance of viburnum beans is long-lasting.

It is widely used in food, chocolate, ice cream, beverages and daily cosmetics to enhance and fix fragrance. In addition, ethyl vanillin can also be used as a feed additive, a brightener in the electroplating industry, and an intermediate in the pharmaceutical industry.

Technical Data of Ethyl Vanillin

NO.  Analysis Items Indexes Analysis Results
1 Color White to slightly yellow Conformity
2 Appearance Crystalline or powder Conformity
3 Odor It has a sweet aroma,milk aroma and vanilla aroma, stronger than Vanillin. Conformity
4 Melting point 76.0 – 78.0℃ 76.0 ℃
5 Solubility in ethanol(25℃) 1g completely soluble into 2ml 95% ethanol makes transparent solution Conformity
6 Loss on drying ≤ 0.5% 0.03%
7 As content ≤ 3mg/kg < 3mg/kg
8 Heavy Metal (Pb) ≤ 10mg/kg < 10mg/kg
9 Purity ≥ 99.5% 99.95%
Conclusion: The product has been conformed to the Food chemicals codex(FCC 5th Edition). The US Pharmacopoeia(USP NF 21 Revision)and the European Pharmacopoeia version 5.0.

Application and Dosage of Ethyl Vanillin

  • In food: Ethyl vanillin can be used in food flavorings and spices, In the EU and the United States, there are corresponding restrictions on the use of ethyl vanillin. For example, the EU limits its use to no more than 10 mg per kilogram of food.
  • In cosmetics: Ethyl vanillin can be used in cosmetics, In the EU and the United States, there are also corresponding restrictions on the use of ethyl vanillin, such as The Union limits its usage to no more than 0.1% per kilogram of cosmetics.
  • In perfumes: Ethyl vanillin is one of the commonly used ingredients in perfumes, In the EU and the United States, the use of ethyl vanillin is also subject to corresponding restrictions. For example, the European Union limits its usage to no more than 0.8% in perfume.

Precautions of Ethyl Vanillin

The following matters should be paid attention to when using Ethyl vanillin:

  • Avoid mixing with other chemicals to avoid adverse reactions;
  • Corresponding safety operating procedures should be followed during use, such as wearing protective gloves, Masks, etc.;
  • During storage and transportation, store in a dry and cool place to ensure its quality and safety.

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Package :
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Shelf life : 24 months
Standard : Conform to GB 1886.16-2015/ FCC/ USP requirements