Sodium Ligninsulfonate (SLS)

Sodium lignosulfonate is first generation concrete admixture.It is made of wood pulp, a anionic surfactant. Has retarding effect and water reducing effect.

Sodium lingosulfonate is yellow brown powder, can be combined into early strength agent, retarder, antifreeze, pumping agent, combined with naphthalene superplasticizer to liquid admixtures has no precipitate formed.

The Main Applications:

  • Construction concrete admixture
  • Textile dyestuff
  • Clay ceramic admixture
  • Stabilized emulsions in drilling fluid
  • petroleum industry
  • Leather tanning
  • Soil improvement agent & plant growth regulator on Agriculture

Technical Data of Sodium Lignosulfonate

No. Index items Standard values       Test Results
1 Appearance Brown powder Brown powder
2 PH Value 10.0-12.0 11.0
3 Moisture  4.0%max 3.5%
4 Reducing matter 9.5% max 9.2%
5  Water insoluble matter 1.5% max 1.1%
6 Dry matter 95%min 96.0 %
Conclusion The product complies with the National Concrete admixture standard GB8076-2009.

Using Methods of Sodium Lignosulfonate

  1. The dosage is 0.20-0.30% of the cement weight, and the recommended dosage is 0.25%.
  2.  The powder can be directly added to cement, sand, and gravel for dry mixing. After uniformity, add water for mixing. The mixing time should be appropriately extended to avoid uneven mixing. The powder can be pre-prepared with a certain concentration of solution and added in the form of aqueous agent, but it should be deducted from the total water consumption of the concrete.
  3. When using Sodium lignosulfonate, please refer to this instruction to conduct the necessary concrete mix ratio test according to the specific construction conditions (construction season, engineering materials, etc.) to obtain the best use effect.

Features of Sodium Lignosulfonate

  1. It can reduce 10% of water consumption at least;
  2. It can improve mixture of the concrete;
  3. There will be improvement for compression strength by more than 15% equally in 3- 28 days;
  4. It can reduce the heat of hydration in initial stage of the cement by a large margin;
  5. There is no corrosion on the concrete reinforcing bar.
  6. It has the advantages of low cost and environmental friendliness.

Packaging, Storage and Transportation of Sodium Lignosulfonate

  1. Sodium Lignosulfonate is powder. It is packaged in woven bags with auxiliary film for external use and plastic bags for internal use. Each bag weighs 25kg.
  2. It is valid for one year and can continue to be used after passing the concrete test.
  3. It should be stored in a cool and dry place, and care should be taken to prevent moisture and damage to the inner and outer bags. If there are agglomerations, crush it or make it into a solution and use it without affecting the effect.
  4. It is non-toxic and harmless, and is not an flammable or explosive dangerous product. It can be transported by car or train.