Instant Dry Yeast (High sugar)

High sugar Instant Dry Yeast is also called Sugar-tolerant Instant dry yeast. It is widely used in the food and fermentation industry as a leavening agent for flour and used in the production of bread, cakes, steamed buns and biscuits.etc.

High Sugar Instant Dry Yeast is suitable for fermenting the dough with heavy sugar and oil bread. That’s the sugar contents in a dough is more than 8% should use High sugar yeast. Bailin Group is a professional Instant Dry Yeast manufacturer and exporter from China. Our Yeast technology has reached the most advanced level in the same line of China.

Our Instant dry yeast does not need to be activated with water before using and can be used directly. Yeast with High fermentation power, Rapid raising with a short time, Steady quality in every batch, Final baked products with good color and taste.

Our High sugar Yeast (Sugar-tolerant type) has been shipped to: Nigeria, Ghana, Pakistan, Philippines, India, Nepal, Peru and Brazil with large order quantity and got very good reputation!

Specification Sheet of Instant Dry Yeast

Product Category: Baking Instant Dry Yeast 
(High sugar Yeast / Sugar tolerant Yeast )
Ingredients: Natural Yeast ( Saccaharomyces cerevisiae), Sorbitan monostearate,(E 491),Vitamin
Product Description 1. Rapid Fermenting , pure natural and high nutrition make the bread soft and good taste. It doesn’t contain any preservative, artificial flavors or pigments.
2. Instant dry yeast is improved from active dry yeast doesn’t need any rehydration step before the dough preparation. just mix with flour directly is okay.
3. Used for fermenting all kinds of pasta, such as bread, pastry, biscuit, cakes, etc
Packing type: 1. Vacuum bag
2. Nitrogen packaging
Dosage: 0.3-0.5% of the flour’s use amount for the low sugar yeast
0.8-1.2% of the flour’s use amount for the high sugar yeast
Directions For Use: 1. Mix the yeast into flour, add water and stir well, or knead with the paste as dough for fermenting. Avoid adding the yeast directly into oil or cold water
2. Water temperature and dough temperature at 35~38℃ is better.
Shelf Life: 24 months
Storage Conditions: Keep in cool and dry places & cold storage once opened .
Qualification: ISO22000, ISO9001, HACCP, FDA, HALAL, SGS doc.

The Advantages of Our Instant Dry Yeast

  • With more than 20 years’ Yeast manufacturing and exporting. FDA HACCP,ISO 9001 certified .
  • The natural conditions we located are ideal for raw material (Beet ) planting and growing.
  • The features of  Yeast are Fast fermenting, make bread soft and good taste.
  • Large output (16000 mt /year) can ensure continuous supply, on-time delivery guaranteed.
  • Price reasonable with superior & steady quality.

Instant Dry Yeast is Good for People’s Health

Dry yeast powder has the functions of supplementing nutrients, promoting digestion, improving intestinal microflora, improving skin health, and enhancing immunity.

  • Nutrient supplement.
    Dry yeast powder is rich in vitamin B group and minerals. These substances play a variety of important roles in the body, such as participating in energy metabolism, red blood cell synthesis.
  • Promote digestion.
    The enzymes in dry yeast help break down food, improve digestion and absorption, and produce compounds that are beneficial to intestinal health.
  • Improve gut microbiota.
    After ingesting dry yeast powder, probiotics will be formed during the fermentation process, regulating the intestinal microecological environment and maintaining normal functions.
  • Improve skin health.
    Because it has a certain antioxidant effect, it can inhibit the formation of melanin, thus achieving the effect of whitening the skin.
  • Enhance immunity
    The nutrients contained in dry yeast powder can support the operation of the body’s immune system, improve resistance, and prevent the occurrence of infectious diseases.

What We Can Do For Your Yeast Order?

  • Free Yeast samples can be offered for the test.
  • OEM brand can be made as per customer’s requests.
  • Choosing fast & reputable Shipping Line for cargo shipment.
  • Cargo photos can be attached by email before and after shipment.
  • We will keep tracking the cargo status after shipment .
  • Specific docs provided. “Free Trade Area” Cert of Origin can be issued which can lower or without any import tariff. like Form E, Form F, etc.

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