Double Action Baking Powder

This product is a new high-grade compound leavening agent. It does not add any aluminum components. It has fine powder and strong continuous foaming ability during use.

It can release gas evenly during each stage of batter beating and baking, making the product soft, puffy and The internal structure is uniform, elastic and shiny, excellent taste, and the flavor is pure.

Baking powder is made of soda powder combined with other acidic materials and white powder filled with corn flour or wheat flour.

Baking powder is usually divided into two types, one is aluminum-free baking powder and the other is aluminum-containing baking powder. Nowadays, aluminum-free double-action baking powder is more popular in the most markets .

It can be used as leavening agent for bread, cake, biscuits and other foods. Its main function is to make flour rapidly ferment, and the food produced by baking powder will also have a very soft taste.

Features of Aluminum-Free Double Action Baking Powder

  • Double fermentation: Aluminum-free double-acting baking powder has the function of double fermentation. The double fermentation is acidic fermentation, which can make the dough sour and flexible; the second fermentation is alkaline fermentation, which can make the dough produce carbon dioxide gas, making the dough swell and soft.
  • High safety: Aluminum-free double-action baking powder does not contain alum and alkali, which avoids the problems of aluminum residue and excessive alkali, and improves product safety.
  • Good stability: The production process used in aluminum-free double-acting baking powder has good stability and can ensure the stability and consistency of the fermentation effect during use.
  • Easy to use: Aluminum-free double-action baking powder can be added as needed during use. The usage method is the same as ordinary baking powder, and there is no need to change the original production method and process.
  • Wide range of application: Aluminum-free double-action baking powder is suitable for making various pasta, pastries, biscuits and other foods, and has good fermentation effect and taste.

Technical Data of Double Action Baking Powder

Product name Double-action Baking Powder

(Complex leavening agent)

Manufacturer Shenyang Bailin Technology Co.,Ltd
Usage This product belongs to food additive, mainly used in the processing of flour foods, such as bread, cake,biscuit, steamed stuffed bun, steamed bread and other food productions.
Product standard GB1886.245-2016


Ingredients Ingredients INS No. Origin
  Sodium acid pyrophosphate 450i China
Sodium bicarbonate 500ii China
Calcium carbonate 170i China
Monocalcium phosphate 341 i China
Emulsifier 471 China
Edible starch China
Appearance White powder
Chemical parameters      Items                     Specifications          Results

Total CO2                        ≥35.0ml/g                 95ml/g

Loss on Drying               ≤3.0%                          0.4%

Nitric acid-insoluble substances≤2.0%          0.3%

PH (10g/L solution)      5.0~9.0                       7.05

Arsenic                            ≤2.0 mg/kg            <2.0mg/kg

Heavy Metals (as Pb)    ≤20mg/kg             <20mg/kg

Other descriptions Usages/applications :

Fermented flour products (steamed buns, steamed bread rolls, etc.), fried flour products and other wheat flour products. The amount of flour 1~1.4%;

Bread, pastries, biscuits and other baked goods, the amount of flour 2~3%;

Puffed food, the amount of flour 0.2~0.5%.

Storage: Store at room temperature, keep in cool and sealed.

Package: Food grade plastic or aluminum plastic bags inside, carton or kraft paper bag outside.

Recipe of Steamed Buns With Baking Powder

Ingredients: Flour: 500g
Double action baking powder: 7-10g
Meat filling: appropriate amount
Water: 250 g
Yeast: 5 grams in winter (2.5 grams in summer)

1. Mix the baking powder, yeast and flour evenly, add water and stir slowly for 6-7 minutes until there are no dry powder particles.
2. Knead the dough until the surface is smooth, cover it with a towel or plastic wrap and place it in a warm place to rise for 35-60 minutes (the volume of the dough will double after proofing, and the inside of the dough will be honeycomb-shaped).
3. Knead the risen dough into long strips and cut it into several small pieces. Use a rolling pin to roll the dough into thick pieces in the middle and thin around the sides.
4. Add the meat filling, wrap it into shape, place it in a steamer or a warm place to rise again for 10 minutes (this is the second proofing).
5. After the water boils, steam over high heat for about 15 minutes.

steamed buns 1