Is Sodium Gluconate Safe?

Sodium gluconate is harmless to humans. It is safe.

Sodium gluconate used Tech and Food 1

Sodium gluconate is a common food additive in the food field and is widely used in food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other fields.

Sodium gluconate is mainly used in the fields of food preservation, preservation and medicine. It is used as a nutritional supplement and antioxidant.

It has high safety and can be decomposed into glucose and bicarbonate ions in the body, further participating in the body’s metabolic process. , so it has no obvious toxic effects on the human body.

Sodium gluconate is an organic compound in the industrial with the chemical formula C6H11NaO7. It is widely used in industry.

Sodium gluconate can be used as an efficient chelating agent and steel surface cleaner in industries such as construction, textile printing and dyeing, metal surface treatment, and water treatment. Glass bottle cleaning agent, aluminum oxygen coloring for electroplating industry, used as high-efficiency retardant, high-efficiency water-reducing agent in the concrete industry.

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