How to Identify The Quality of Sodium Gluconate?

Sodium Gluconate is the sodium salt compound of gluconic acid. It is a white powdery substance that is highly soluble in water. Sodium gluconate is widely used in the textile industry, such as for dyeing, printing, and treating the metal surfaces of textiles with water. Other commercial and industrial applications and uses for sodium gluconate include an agent for the cleaning of steel surfaces and glass bottles as well for chelating in general or chelating cement, plating, and alumina dying. As one of the leading Sodium Gluconate suppliers, Bailin Group provides quality chemicals for solubility uses and as a chelating agent.

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How to identify the quality of Sodium Gluconate products?
Authentic Sodium Gluconate product color is white or yellow crystalline particles or powder, depending on the purity of a certain change. Or some white / brown crystalline particles or powder is also a regular Sodium Gluconate, specifically how to analyze the simple method is to try to choose the regular packaging and large-scale manufacturers of enterprises, the general production and sales of chemical products have a strict testing standards, the product in general Not fake, but there are points of high and low purity.

Select Sodium Gluconate, the main note is to pay attention to the purchase of product quality and purity. If the content of arsenic is less than or equal to 1ppm / ax, the lead salt content is less than or equal to 0.001%, and the sulfate content is less than or equal to the content of the salt, and the content of the salt is less than or equal to Equal to 0.05%, the chloride content is less than or equal to 0.07%, the reducing matter content is less than or equal to 0.5%, etc., which are within the reference range of Sodium Gluconate impurities.

In recent years, with the sustainable development of the construction industry, even in the period of real estate trough, the relevant construction aids demand is continued to grow. China’s Sodium Gluconate products after a long period of development, has been in the international export to achieve a remarkable breakthrough.

Coupled with the past two years, China’s foreign policy of continuous adjustment, closer international cooperation, especially in road engineering, which to a certain extent, greatly increased the export of Sodium Gluconate. Domestic enterprises can better achieve production and marketing unity, supply demand is not surplus or reduce the serious problem of excess.

At present, there are five main production processes of Sodium Gluconate: biological fermentation, homogeneous chemical oxidation, electrolytic oxidation, heterogeneous catalytic oxidation and enzymatic. These processes in the previous article we have a brief introduction, the development of different processes is mainly to meet the different needs, of course, there is no one process is perfect, have their advantages also have their shortcomings.

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Detail the advantages and disadvantages in order to better play the role of the production process used, while in the future can be better to improve. Specific advantages and disadvantages of different processes are as follows:

The above five methods, in addition to enzymatic method, the other four kinds of production processes in China is very widely used, resulting in less use of enzyme method is the fundamental reason is expensive enzyme preparation, the enterprise bear the production cost is too high. Bio-fermentation and heterogeneous catalytic oxidation in the production costs, production cycle and production equipment has a certain advantage, and enzymatic purity and energy saving is the best.

In the future, when the price of the enzyme preparation is reduced, the production of the enzyme will be widely used in the country. As a Sodium Gluconate production company-Bailin Group Co.,Ltd, we are looking forward to it.

Sodium Gluconate in the use of concrete engineering is a strict standard, the use of construction in the scientific configuration of the conditions, with scientific and reasonable requirements to produce the deployment. Only in accordance with the standard use to use, in order to play the role of Sodium Gluconate in the construction of various projects in order to play a better effect. And less than the standard use, or more than the standard use, will be in performance or performance with more or less reduction.

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