Yeast to Spain

Instant Dry Yeast Delivered To Spain

Last Friday, one container Low sugar Instant Dry Yeast in 500gx20bags/carton has been finished loading at Dalian seaport. The cargo is going to ship to Valencia port, Spain . This is our new customer, due to the large number of orders are waiting for production, it leads to the delivery time is a little bit longer than normal time.
sodium gluconate delivered to Brazil

The Sodium Gluconate Order From Brazilian Customer

Today, one of our customer from Brazil placed Sodium gluconate order to us again. The first container Sodium gluconate order from this Brazilian customer was on the December of 2022. The first SG container reached to destination port on the Jan.15th, The customer mainly use SG into their own production lines.
Sodium naphthalene sulfonate

What is Naphthalene-based High-efficiency Water Reducer?

Naphthalene-based water reducer is a chemical additive widely used in the field of building materials. The main function of water reducer is to reduce the amount of cement in concrete or cement mortar, thereby improving its fluidity and plasticity. s a type of water reducer.
bread made by Bailin yeast

Does Active Dry Yeast Expire?

Active dry yeast will expire and become ineffective. The general shelf life is about 24 months. If stored for a long time, it may lose its activity and cannot achieve the effect and function of fermenting flour. It is usually not recommended to use it after the shelf life. But it can be used for growing green plants and flowers at home if expired with Yeast.
winter fermentation saviour

Winter Fermentation Savior – Top baker Instant Dry Yeast

Fermented pasta is a kind of food that people like to hear and see almost all over the world. In most western countries, all kinds of bread and cakes made by Yeast fermentation are daily necessities. In China, from south to north, all kinds of steamed bun shops can be seen everywhere.
sodium gluconate in jumbo bags to brazil

The Sodium Gluconate Order From a Brazilian Customer

Today, one of our customer from Brazil placed Sodium gluconate order to us. The first container Sodium gluconate order from this Brazilian customer was on the December of 2023. The first SG container reached to destination port on the Jan.25th, The customer mainly use SG into their own production.
About vanillin safety

Is Vanillin Safe?

Vanillin, also known as vanilla powder, vanillin, chemical name is 3-methoxy-4-hydroxybenzaldehyde, is an organic compound extracted from the Rutaceae plant vanilla bean, white to slightly yellow crystals Or crystalline powder, slightly sweet, soluble in hot water, glycerin and alcohol, insoluble in cold water and vegetable oil.
Sodium gluconate market analysis

Sodium Gluconate Production and Export Volume Data From China in 2023

Analysis of the current market situation of Sodium gluconate industry in China. Production and export volumes of Sodium gluconate are showing a growth trend. According to the "China Sodium Gluconate Industry Development Trend Research and Investment Prospects Forecast (2023-2030)"
Yeast ship to USA

Instant Dry Yeast Shipped To USA

Last week, we shipped out 8 tons Instant Dry Yeast to Long Beach port,USA. This is our new customer from the United States. The first shipment,they placed 8 Tons Yeast in 5kg size as a trial order, it took about 20 days only to finish the production and packaging. Thank you for choosing Bailin Group as a Yeast supplier in China.
identify sodium gluconate quality

How to Identify The Quality of Sodium Gluconate?

Sodium Gluconate is the sodium salt compound of gluconic acid. It is a white powdery substance that is highly soluble in water. Sodium gluconate is widely used in the textile industry, such as for dyeing, printing, and treating the metal surfaces of textiles with water.
making dough

The Difference of Fermenting Ways 

What is the difference between the three fermenting methods of chemical leavening, old dough fermentation and yeast fermentation? All methods can be effected fermenting. Compared with the old dough fermenting method, the yeast fermented dough is more convenient, healthy, high production efficiency. time-saving and labor-saving.
sodium gluconate stock pic

What is Sodium Gluconate?

Sodium gluconate CAS 527-07-1, also known as Gluconic Acid Sodium, Sodium pentahydroxycaproate, is a white or light yellow crystalline powder. Easily soluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol, insoluble in ether. Its molecular formula is C6H11O7Na, its chemical formula is C6H11NaO7,
Baking powder and soda powder

Is Baking Powder The Same as Baking Soda?

Baking soda is different from baking powder. The former is alkaline and the latter is a compound leavening agent. Baking soda, also known as sodium bicarbonate, is an industrial chemical. Baking powder contains alkaline and acidic materials. When it comes into contact with water, the two begin to release CO2,
Food preservatives photo

What Are Food Preservatives?

Food preservatives are additives that can prevent spoilage caused by microorganisms and extend the shelf life of food. Because it also prevents food poisoning caused by the reproduction of microorganisms, it is also called an antimicrobial. Its main function is to inhibit the reproduction of microorganisms in food.
Sodium gluconate used Tech and Food 1

Is Sodium Gluconate Safe?

Sodium gluconate is harmless to humans. It is fafe. Sodium gluconate is a common food additive in the food field and is widely used in food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other fields. Sodium gluconate is mainly used in the fields of food preservation, preservation and medicine. It is used as a nutritional supplement and antioxidant.
Sodium gluconate factory equipments pic

Production and Storage of Sodium Gluconate

When talking about Sodium gluconate, everyone should be familiar with it. Many industries, whether in medicine or construction, are inseparable from sodium gluconate. At this time, there will be problems with the demand for sodium gluconate.  Then how is it produced?
active yeast and instant yeast pic

What’s the Difference Between Active Dry Yeast and Instant Dry Yeast ?

Active Dry Yeast VS Instant Dry Yeast.Bread baking can be complicated, which is partly due to all variables when using yeast. There are several types of yeast that you can use in baking, but two of the most common are active dry yeast and instant yeast, also called rapid rise yeast.
Yeast powder in a spoon

How to Use Active Dry Yeast?

Active dry yeast is a commonly used baking material. It can help dough ferment and make bread, cakes and other baked goods fluffy and delicious. When using active dry yeast, the correct usage method can better exert its effect. The following I will introduce the use of active dry yeast.